A modern day First Nation teepee consisting of a blue plastic tarp wrapped around a frame of tree poles is set up in a field of wild grasses by the edge of the forest.

Previously Frozen Photographs and Stories

From the Packsacks of a Computer Teacher in Northern Canada

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

Hello and welcome to my website. I am retired Computer teacher who spent most of my career living and teaching in the remote communities of northern Canada. Up north I experienced temperatures dropping down to minus forty degrees or below far too frequently during the long, cold, dark winters. Everything I carried in my packsacks was frozen as I walked back and forth to school or travelled around the country.

I soon realized that soft sided luggage such as packsacks, duffle bags, hockey equipment bags and gym bags were far more suitable for travelling conditions in the north than suitcases or briefcases. You never knew what form of primitive mode of transportation might greet you at a small airport when you arrived in a northern community. Eventually nearly everything I owned I was transporting around in packsacks of one form or another. Hence the inspiration for the Packsack.info domain name of this website.

This is a new website that I am creating. It is my intention to display some of my photographs and write a few stories about my adventures. Many of my photographs were taken in remote northern Canadian communities that very few people will ever get a chance to visit. For contrast I have included a few photographs and stories of my vacation trips around North America. It may take me a while to get everything all sorted out and uploaded to this website. This is intended to be a long term retirement project.

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Here is a collection of photographs and a few short stories I have written about my vacations in Canada and the United States of America.
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This is my collection of photographs, topographic maps and information about some of the remote northern Canadian communities where I have lived and taught.
Canadian Snow Bunny
A children's short story about two snow bunnies that travel across the continent.
My other hobby website that contains a collection of educational web pages that I have created. Initially the content was based on materials left over from my teaching career but now the topics are becoming more diverse as I add new pages. Hopefully you will find something interesting and useful there.
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A snow covered residential street in an arctic Inuit community.