63rd Wedding Anniversary

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

On October 3, 1953, a wedding took place in a small community named Willowdale. There were plenty of farmer's fields, fruit tree orchards and some forested areas nearby. The construction of post World War II suburban homes and shopping malls was just beginning in the area. The population was still very small and scattered among the villages of Lansing, Willowdale and Newtonbrook. Many of the homes were near the old farm road intersections. There was only a single high school serving the region.

Today at the intersection of Churchill Avenue and Yonge Street there is still a church but it is not the same building that the wedding took place in. The whole landscape has changed. It is now the geographic centre of Canada's largest city, Toronto.

Noticed that I said geographic centre and not downtown core. There is a difference. The downtown core of Toronto is still near its historical origins beside a former shoreline of Lake Ontario. By geographic centre I mean that spot from which you would have to travel the farthest in any direction to escape the cement jungle of the city.

A lot has changed over the years as Willowdale has become just another neighbourhood in the city of Toronto. Similarly a lot has changed in the lives of the young couple who got married back on that autumn day in 1953. Here are some photographs of a few moments in their lives together.

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The couple is standing on an observation platform while the marine railway lock is transporting boats behind them.
Photo: scanP024.jpg ~ Standing in front of the carriage of the Big Chute Marine Railway Lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway, Ontario.
The couple is standing together on the bare rocks in front of the lighthouse.
Photo: scanP095.jpg ~ Posing in front of Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia.
The couple is sitting on a park bench with grass and palm trees behind them.
Photo: scanK253.jpg ~ Sitting on a park bench in Vero Beach, Florida.
The couple is standing on a path on top of Signal Hill with a panoramic view of the harbour of the city of St. John behind them.
Photo: scanN077.jpg ~ It is almost always windy up on Signal Hill overlooking the harbour of St. John's, Newfoundland.
The couple is standing together in a park at the top of a cliff with the Mississippi River behind them.
Photo: IMGP0144.jpg ~ Standing at the top of a cliff along the bank of the Mississippi River. This view is looking across the river towards the forest near Vidalia, Louisiana.
A close up photo of the couple standing together.
Photo: IMGP0145.jpg ~ Same location as previous photo. That is the cliffs along the bank of the Mississippi River in the background. This lookout park is in Natchez, Mississippi.